Outreach & Projects

Out Reach Go

Will you pray for us and consider sowing financial seed into outreach Go?
God has commanded MBM to " Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". (Mark 16:15) World Wide Evangelism is the pulse of this ministry. We are determined to make sure every person hears the good news! This is our calling and passion working for our King knowing that billions of souls final destination is predicated on them coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ causes us to move into action. Traveling throughout the United States and abroad.

Radio Broadcast

God has commissioned us to spread the gospel throughout the earth. We are passionate about preaching and teaching the word of God with simplicity and understanding. When the word of God is preached and a person recieves that word faith can grow, healing can take place, financial sitiations can turn around and marriages can be mended. Most importantly a soul can find rest in the arms of our loving savior Jesus.
Your prayers and financial support help us to go into the homes, prisons, cars and hearts of thousands of people!

Together we can do more!


Here at MBM we are determined to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to where the people are. That could be in a park for a crusade, revival or in a hotel. Our goal is to purchase a Cargo Trailer with a ramp that can carry our instruments, mics, speakers and stage. With your prayers and monetary contribution we can move forward. Will you consider sowing into this ministry  to advance the kingdom of God? Thank you in advance for your support.
Romans 2:6 God will repay each person according to what they have done

 A New Ministry HeadQuarters

We are excited about the expansion that God is causing to happen in our ministry. We need more space to operate at the new level God is taking us to. This will give us the capacity to record our programs for radio and the internet broadcast in our new facility. We will be able to store our ministry equipment safely as we are called to travel throughout the nation and abroad. Will you consider sowing into this ministry to help us expand to do ministry on a greater level?  We are trusting God for the fullfillment of this vision. With your help we can get it done. Thank you for your prayers and support may our God bless your richly.
Without a vision the people perish !
Proverbs 29:18