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Matthew 6:21

"Where your treasure is , there will be your heart also."

When your heart becomes concerned about the things of God's you will then  invest in His work.


How your seed will work to expand the Kingdom of God in the earth!
Radio Broadcast:
We at MBM  take sharing the gospel very seriously  it is not our hobby, or even just our passion but instead it is our mandate from our Lord and Saviour. We know that one day we will have to give an account to God with what we did with our time, talent and our tresure. So with a spirit of excellence and teanacity with are spreading the gospel to the best of our abilitly throughout the nations of the earth. If you feel the same way and desire to contribute in anyway may the God of heaven and earth bless you in this life and in the one to come.  Mark 16:15

Open Air Crusades:
We believe in bringing the gospel to where the people are and that is exactly what we plan to do. Outreach in the parks with a worship team, and preaching of the word at parks during the spring and summer months. We collaborate with various churches in different regions to win the lost at all cost. We are commanded to go into the highways and  byways by our master Jesus so therefore we are about our father's business. Luke 14: 23
Prison Ministry:
Every month letters of hope and bible studies will be mailed to every prisoner in the United States of America who requests us to write them (free of charge). The letter of hope will be scripturally based bringing the light of Jesus Christ to all who read it. Every teaching taught over our radio and internet broadcast will be sent in print to the inmates.  Jesus said in Matthew 25: 39-40 " When did we see you sick or in prison and visit you? " And the King will reply Truly I tell you What ever you did for one of the least of these brother's of mine you did for me".

Conferences and Seminars:
We believe in spreading the gospel in a personal way and through free conferences and seminars we are able to empower, encourage, and edify those who God has connected with this ministry. As our radio broadcast spreads throughout the country and abroad we will host regular meetings teaching the word with simplicity and power. Mike and Shushana have always been about people because Jesus is about people. Through these meetings partners and visitors can get a live experience  with the Holy Spirit that can not be felt over the radio or internet. Acts 10:38
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