Meet: Mike Bowens

It all began when Mike was born again at 14 years old. Born in New York City's Lower east side in Manhattan Mike was acustomed to seeing celebrities and gangsters in the same day. Violence, teenage pregnancy, drug deals  surrounded his neighborhood therefore many of his childhood friends were imprisoned or dead at early ages. By 14 he had seen more than most people would see in a lifetime. Although at times his family life was in turmoil he had a mother who believed in the power of prayer. Caught in between two worlds feeling a strong calling from God to follow Jesus but also feeling the pull from the street life that engulfed him therefore at times he felt confused. He say's "I would hear a voice call my name no matter where I went or what I was doing. I knew that God was calling me but at the time I did not know why.  Mike  felt suicidal quite often because he felt no inner peace, no sense of direction and stuck due to his financial condition. Mike began attending church reguarly and soon he became filled the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tonques. He had found the joy and peace that previously alluded him but still he desired more from God. As Mike studied the scriptures and read books on faith, love, forgivneness, and financial increase something amazing began to happen. He began to see that God desired for his children to be whole in every area including spiritually. During that time of enlighentment other's began to notice that he had the abiliy to teach the word so that they could understand exactly what the scriptures were trying to convey. Mike then began to see that God had given him a tremendous  gift the ability to teach the word of God with simpilcity and understanding. With this knowledge in mind he pursued God for his purpose and true calling. During this time period he met the love of his life Shushana in college and were soon married after in 2004. God began to transition Mike from a youth pastor to an assiantant pastor. Soon Mike and Shushana began holding bibles studies teaching and preaching following the call that God had placed upon their  lives. From 2006 - 2013 they would pastor 3 small churches and complete their family with 3 children 2 daughters and 1 son, Nyla, Michael and Michaela.
In September 2014 Mike released his first video on his YouTube channel Mike Bowens Motivates. God began to reveal to him that he would use him to create an "new industry" one where motivation included God and made Jesus the center piece of all motivation. The Vision and calling became quite clear : to teach the good news to the unsaved, the body of christ and the world with a special emphasis on salvation, faith, renewal of the mind, vision and entrepreneurship. The vision is taking shape as he travels to speaking engagements, producing internet and radio broadcast. In September 2017 the ministry launched it's first radio broadcast "Where motivation meets faith" on the alive radio station in the capital region of New York.
With a hunger for God and ability to understand the word Mike is motivated by Matthew 25: 14- 46. He say's God has deposited gifts into each one of us and it's up to us to identify our gifts and use them to the glory of God. Jesus is looking at what we started with and monitoring how we use those talents / gifts to increase. Taking Jesus at his word Mike has use his gifts and founded many business ventures.

Unleashing your creativity early learning center  (co- owned with his wife Shushana

Unleashed creativity Music: an independent record label which Mike seeks out talented worship leaders to collaborate on praise and worship songs that glorify our God.  His latest cd is forth coming and it is titled  Songs of the redeemed vol 1

Unleashed creativity publishing : an idependent book publishing house in which Mike has authored several  books including titles such as:

Creative Thinking : How your thoughts can transform your life , How to be a happy wife vol 1, Keys to growth from where you are to where you want to be, Bright future how to win in life, Spontaneous planner: Making time for love, to name a few.

Unleashed Creativity Consulting : an online digital company in which Mike speaks one on one with clients  through imo concerning their business endeavors with a strong empahsis on daycare start up, expansion, marketing and planning.

With all of that said nothing makes Mike happier than seeing souls saved, lives transformed and spending time with his family and friends.