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         The Children are the future
Our Mission
 Our mission is to create a safe, nurturing and learning environment so eah child can grow to his or her full potential. A learning environment is not necessarily the ABC's and 123's, but is also the learning of values. The learning of honesty, respect, self control, kindness, fairness, and friendliness to all.

Our mission is to foster unconditional love.. this kind of love is very important to us because children should not grow up feeling that in order to be loved and cared for that they must meet numerous conditions.

Mr and Mrs Bowens
Mike and Shushana Bowens have impacted the lives of kids in a positive way for close to a decade. With the vision in mind to create children who will grow into future leaders and world changers. Each child is treated with love and care. Mr and Mrs. Bowens often take time to speak life into the children by inpiring them to think about there future and what they would like to become one day. The children are taught to make each day count because your days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and month's into years. The children are taught that you shape your life by how you think on a daily basis. It is Mike and Shushana's honor to teach, instruct and inspire the next generation of world leaders.